Saw a few friends posting things for Cosplay Appreciation Day so gonna jump on that as well even though it’s a little late. Following the trend of posting a variety of my cosplay so here’s ten of some of my favorite costumes! From mostly different series and throughout the years.

Thoughts on cosplay and friendship below lol

I got into cosplay because it seemed fun and exciting and sticked with it because of all the wonderful friends I made and a developed love of sewing. I’ve been cosplaying for a little over 9 years, with more than 60 costumes, and I’ve definitely had many great experiences along the way and progressed a lot. It was a way I could participate in fandoms and get to have fun dressing up, show my love for characters I enjoyed, and learn lots of skills from sewing, makeup, and modeling/photos which has been helpful to my career path in Fashion Design as well.

There are literally too many cosplayers I appreciate! I appreciate all of my friends who are always working hard on their costumes and end up looking amazing, and I also admire many of you here on tumblr, and who I see around cons. I get so excited seeing characters I love being cosplayed! I like seeing how others interpret the character and love seeing awesome photoshoots and elaborate, or even simple but clean, costumes.
But most importantly - I love seeing people having fun ;)

November 14, 2012 - 5:24pm [1 year ago]
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